7 Fun Ways to Use Your New Outdoor Audio Installation

7 Fun Ways to Use Your New Outdoor Audio Installation The Woodlands

Apr 19, 2024 | Outdoor Sound

Congratulations on your new outdoor audio installation! Your new outdoor living feature is sure to be the center of attention for any event. So, what will you do first to test out your new outdoor sound system? Many options for fun times with high-quality sound await.

Enjoying Your Home’s Custom Outdoor Audio System

Use your outdoor audio system along with the big screen to indulge in your favorite sports or movies. Or, turn up the tunes while you grill by the poolside. Your outdoor audio can be connected to a smart lighting system to set the mood. Plus, you can switch things up and listen to a podcast while you chill outside. Even a karaoke night at your place will be unbeatable! 

  1. Game Day in the Great Outdoors
  2. A Movie Night Under the Stars
  3. Enhance the BBQ’s Vibes
  4. Stream Your Tunes by the Pool
  5. Combine Music with Smart Lighting
  6. Enjoy a Podcast in the Hot Tub
  7. Host a Karaoke Party

1) Game Day in the Great Outdoors

Get ready to enjoy Superbowl Sunday like never before! With your outdoor entertainment system, you and your guests will feel like you’re right there in the stadium. Watch the action on the big screen and jam out to the halftime show from the comfort of your outdoor living space.

2) A Movie Night Under the Stars

Whether it’s an HD television or an old-school projector, gather your friends and family for an unforgettable movie night. Your custom outdoor sound system will be the star of the show. Immerse yourself in your favorite films with clear dialogue and epic sound effects.

3) Enhance the BBQ’s Vibes

What’s a summer barbeque without music? Get the party started from the second guests arrive by connecting your favorite playlists. Everyone can enjoy the beats from any part of the space, whether its the fire pit or outdoor kitchen. 

4) Stream Your Tunes by the Pool

Bring the luxury resort feel to your home for a relaxing getaway. Whether you’re sunbathing on the pool floats or watching the kids have a blast, the beautiful sound of music can be a game changer. Sit back and relax with your favorite oldies or get moving with modern pop hits. 

5) Combine Music with Smart Lighting

To really amp up the night, connect your audio to a smart lighting system. Watch as the colors change to the beat of the music and dim the lights to adjust to the mood. You can easily control the lights settings with the touch of a button or voice command. 

6) Enjoy a Podcast in the Hot Tub

Are you a true crime fan? Catch up on the latest episode of your podcasts while you relax in the spa. With crystal clear audio, you won’t miss a single word mentioned. Experience the stories, jokes, or guest interviews like never before.

7) Host a Karaoke Party

Make your karaoke songs sound like the real deal! With your outdoor audio system, you can connect a mic and sing to instrumentals of any kind. And there’s no need to worry about disturbing the neighbors (with the speakers, at least!). An expert installation will be directed just right to avoid interference.

Expert Outdoor Audio Installation for Great Times

Have fun playing around with your outdoor audio installation! Your outdoor living space will be the go-to spot for good times with good friends. With the right setup, you can enhance a variety of outdoor parties for every season. 

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