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Diamond J Audio’s free in-home analysis is more than an assessment; it’s your key to a remarkable audio experience. It’s all about tailoring solutions to fit your space and preferences. When we visit your home, we dive into understanding its unique aspects. This helps us create custom solutions that match how you live. We use precise measurements, pictures, and expert advice to make sure your audio setup works perfectly.

This analysis isn’t just a visit; it’s an educational journey. You can ask us anything about improving sound quality or the latest tech, like ROON for better music streaming. Plus, it’s completely free and obligation-free. You can explore options and make informed choices without any pressure.

At Diamond J Audio, our goal is excellence, starting with this free analysis to ensure your home’s sound system is perfect for you.

Your Audio Installation Consultation: What to Expect

Discover the comprehensive offerings of our in-home analysis. From tailored solutions and expert guidance on space adjustments to cutting-edge technology introductions, explore the benefits to enhance your audio experience effortlessly.

  • Personalized consultation with Jay, the owner
  • Exploration of tech for indoor/outdoor, home theater, and automation
  • Quick measurements and photos as needed
  • Tips for sound optimization with small changes
  • Clear answers for improving home sound
  • Discussion about ideal speaker spots for current systems
  • Information about new music tech like ROON
  • No strings attached – totally free


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